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We’re decorating upstairs, so I’ve had to empty the bookshelves. Seeing piles of my cherished books carefully strewn (is it possible to strew carefully?) over every spare surface, is like meeting crowds of dear old friends, too many to talk to at once. I just want to sit with them for hours.

I love my own little library. There are books I’ve read more than once, some I plan to read again, and some I’m looking forward to reading for the first time. And every week wonderful new books are coming out that I want to add.

But, like a gift that won’t go back in the box after opening, I know all my books won’t fit back on the shelves after the decorating is done. I need another bookshelf.

Or perhaps I need to let some go. Hoarding is a pleasure, but nothing beats the feeling of pressing a book into someone’s hand, and saying, “Read this. It’s brilliant!”

Happily, International Book Giving Day (IBGD), coming up on Friday 14th February, is the perfect excuse to give away a book or two.


Visit the IBGD website for ideas on getting involved. This year’s fabulous design is by illustrator Sanne Dufft, and the poster, bookplates and bookmarks are all available for downloading.

I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day on 14th February. And please consider joining me in giving a book, whether to one child or several through schools, libraries or charities. Thank you. #BookGivingDay




GIVEAWAY: The wonderful Rosalind Beardshaw illustrated six of the picture books I’ve written. If you don’t already have them on your bookshelf, your local library may be able to find them for you. The English language titles are: ‘Daddy’s Little Star’ (or ‘My Little Star’ or ‘Mommy’s Little Star’), ‘A New Home for Little Fox’ (or ‘Daddy’s Little Scout’), ‘Goodnight, Magic Moon’, ‘Night, Light, Sleep Tight’, ‘Little Deer Lost’ and ‘The Best Present’.


Rosalind put in lots of cute mini-beasts, including dragonflies and beetles. I think there are only two spiders among them. Can you spot them?


I’ll send a PRIZE* to the first person who correctly names the two picture books and tells me where these spiders are hiding. Anyone can enter. Just leave a comment on this website.


*The prize is a copy of the toddler-sized My Little Star board-book, now out of print. Good luck!



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