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Dog on Wheels Goes Snowboarding by Gillian McClure

Is anyone else wishing for snow? The magical, fluffy, white stuff feels like the perfect symbol of new beginnings and hopes as we welcome this particular new year with open arms.

Even if there’s no sparkly snow outside the window just now, your youngsters are sure to enjoy a beautiful winter-themed picture book. Dog on Wheels goes Snowboarding (Troika, 2020), by award-winning author-illustrator Gillian McClure, is a new favourite of mine. It’s the third book to star the adorably exuberant skateboarding Dubbin and his little friend Todd, joining Dog on Wheels (2017) and Dog on Wheels at Sunny Sea (2018).

Gillian McClure’s lyrical texts and the playfulness of her words on the page make the Dog on Wheels books a joy to read out loud. Little ones love the excitement and energy of the stories about Dubbin and Todd having fun with the adaptable skateboard. But there’s mild peril too, and there’s someone else to spot in the background. The lurking shaggy dog is a neat device for sparking a conversation about strangers. Is this sly outsider actually a potential friend? I do hope Gillian McClure helps us get to know the shaggy dog in a future Dog on Wheels book.

Still on the subject of snowy picture books, the Kindle edition of Little Deer Lost, by Rosalind Beardshaw and me (Scholastic 2011) is available now for just £2.82 from Amazon.

If wishes were snowflakes we’d all be playing in a blanket of fluffy snow in these first days of 2021. I wish you all health, happiness and many, many hugs in the coming year.


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7 thoughts on “My Blog

  1. I love your books!! I only have the answer to one of these about the spiders. The second picture: Night, Light, Sleep Tight on the page where Jack with the other ducklings are sleeping in their little nest with the beautiful stars around them! – no page numbers, but the second last page of your book. I love the bug on the opposite page too!

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    1. Thank you so much, Nikita, and well done for spotting the spider in the nest in Night, Light, Sleep Tight. I was just about to close this competition, so I am very happy to declare you the sharp-eyed winner! If you would like to send me your mailing address via my ‘Contact’ page, I’ll post a copy of the My Little Star boardbook to you.


  2. Dear Janet, I have received your LOVELY books today and the very special card! Thank you for the second book, it’s very special! I will definitely look out for that elusive second spider! 🙂 Thank you very much!! xx

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  3. I have spiders in my class and the children are always so scared of them – I tell them why they are there and now we have spider pets in our class. 🙂 I showed them the books today, they were over the moon and loved your stories!

    Liked by 1 person

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