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I do love a good fox story, and ‘Fox: a Circle of Life Story’ by Isabel Thomas and Daniel Egneus (Bloomsbury, Oct 2020) is very special – an engaging, visually stunning, nonfiction picture book.

We first meet Fox raising her family. After she dies, her cubs go on to have families of their own, while her body’s ‘tiny particles’ are recycled back to nature and new life. This sensitive factual telling could be helpful whether the subject comes up spontaneously or is prompted by the sad death of a pet or family member.

Moth Fox Thomas Egneus

‘Fox’ joins ‘Moth: an Evolution Story’ by the same authors (Bloomsbury, June 2018). ‘Moth’ tells how, over generations, the Peppered Moth has adapted to survive in an environment transformed by humans. Like ‘Fox’, ‘Moth’ is an entrancing picture book, and it brings a much-needed message of hope in this time of eco-anxiety.

‘Fox’ and ‘Moth’ blend Isabel Thomas’ lyrical text and Daniel Egneus’ beautiful illustrations to tell stories every bit as magical as fiction. They will surely be invaluable to teachers and parents facing tricky questions from primary age children. Let’s hope there’s more to come from this talented author team.


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7 thoughts on “My Blog

  1. I love your books!! I only have the answer to one of these about the spiders. The second picture: Night, Light, Sleep Tight on the page where Jack with the other ducklings are sleeping in their little nest with the beautiful stars around them! – no page numbers, but the second last page of your book. I love the bug on the opposite page too!

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    1. Thank you so much, Nikita, and well done for spotting the spider in the nest in Night, Light, Sleep Tight. I was just about to close this competition, so I am very happy to declare you the sharp-eyed winner! If you would like to send me your mailing address via my ‘Contact’ page, I’ll post a copy of the My Little Star boardbook to you.


  2. Dear Janet, I have received your LOVELY books today and the very special card! Thank you for the second book, it’s very special! I will definitely look out for that elusive second spider! 🙂 Thank you very much!! xx

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  3. I have spiders in my class and the children are always so scared of them – I tell them why they are there and now we have spider pets in our class. 🙂 I showed them the books today, they were over the moon and loved your stories!

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