Daddy’s Little Star


A beautiful new edition of Daddy’s Little Star, published in May 2017, marks 10 years since the book was first published under its original title of My Little Star (and in the US as Mommy’s Little Star).


Little Fox is walking in the woods with Daddy when he begins to wonder: how high does the sky go? Daddy Fox turns this into a game and soon Little Fox discovers that, just like love, the sky goes on forever. This is a heart-warming story about the special bond between parent and child.

Catherine Friess at Story Snug kindly interviewed me alongside a review of Daddy’s Little Star, to mark the book’s 10th Anniversary. See the Story Snug page here

Both Daddy’s Little Star and Goodnight Sleepy Babies feature in this blog about bedtime stories, by Emma Drage, senior editor at Scholastic Children’s books.

Daddy’s Little Star has been translated into several languages. Here’s are some of the covers, including the foreign language editions in Korean, Turkish and French.


Publisher: Scholastic Illustrator: Rosalind Beardshaw

You can buy the 10th Anniversary edition of Daddy’s Little Star on the Scholastic Shop. Paperback and Kindle editions are also available from Amazon

Click here to download activities for Daddy’s Little Star and A New Home for Little Fox.

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