Adventures at RHS Wisley

I came face to face with The Famous Five at RHS Wisley recently. They seemed to be on the point of making an exciting discovery in the middle of a flower bed.


The Five were centre stage in all their topiary glory because the garden is celebrating the series’ 75th anniversary; the first of Enid Blyton’s famous books was published in 1942.

Wisley has much more to offer too. The Surrey Sculpture Society Trail is there until 24th September, with some amazing artworks on show. Of course I loved this cheeky ‘Mr Fox’.

Mr Fox by Alan Wallis

It was a rainy day, but luckily we’d taken a big umbrella.


When we found sanctuary from the rain in the glass-house, I couldn’t help wondering who might sit on these prickly stools…


The gardens looked fabulous, and the pumpkin patch promised a beautiful, bountiful autumn to come. RHS Wisley is a joy whatever the weather.




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