Treasured Art

I’m a hoarder. I still have and treasure an early drawing by my daughter Heather, then 2, now 29. It’s a picture of ‘Mummy, Heather and Daddy’ – our family before her little sister came along. I’ve always loved the stick-figuriness of it.


Heather was always ready to put on her Cookie Monster pinny and pick up a paintbrush. It’s a wonderful thing to watch small children doing something they love, and to know that with luck they might still be doing it, in some form, when they’re all grown up.


Heather still loves to draw and paint. A few years ago, she painted these foxes for me, to celebrate the publication of ‘Daddy’s Little Star’.


She painted the Tyne bridges for her Geordie-Dad.


By now, she’s painted her little sister a few times. This is a recent one; Fiona caught in a sunbeam in Iceland.



You can see more of Heather Bingham’s artwork on her website here. Warning: the website includes images of a surreal or adult nature.

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