Jersey Summer

I’ve been exploring sun-drenched Jersey. I’m lucky to have a dear cousin living there, who introduced me to some of the island’s sights and stories. She also let me share some walks with her delightfully turbo-tailed spaniels.

I’ve touched the heroic granite of the Menhirs – ancient, lichen-crusted stones standing among the sand dunes.


I’ve learned more about the conservation work begun by Gerald Durrell, at Jersey Zoo. (His book ‘My Family and Other Animals’ about his childhood in Corfu is adapted for TV in ‘The Durrells’). I tried out the meerkat hide. Sadly no meerkats dared to come near this strange alien in a bubble…


I’ve visited the War Tunnels, which were hacked out of the rock by the Nazis using slave labour during WWII and are now used to depict the horrors of the Occupation. They show us the faces of the individuals: the invaders, heroes, victims, ordinary folk, so we can try to imagine making the choices they had to make.

Unlike the War Tunnels, we don’t know for sure who built La Hougue Bie passage grave 6000 years ago. But we can crawl into it, doubled up, and shine a torch on the wet granite walls and wonder whose bones were laid to rest here under the great cairn and earth mound. And we can imagine the stories their children told.


Oh, and I’ve enjoyed a convivial fish and chip supper on the beach while watching a stunningly perfect sunset.


It’s been an amazing trip to a place packed with human history. I’m grateful to my lovely cousin for being such a great guide. Thanks, Denny!

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