A Visit to Four Swannes School

Earlier this month I enjoyed an author-visit to Four Swannes Primary School in Waltham Cross. What a great name for a school! It conjures up an image of a serene team quietly getting on with their work. In the lull after morning assembly, Four Swannes certainly fitted that image – you could have heard a pin drop.

But those quiet pupils are also good at being noisy. At times in my Nursery/Reception session we almost raised the roof with elephant trumpeting, tiger roars and Little Fox’s cry of “Does the sky stop there?” Years 1 and 2 were just as enthusiastic, and also displayed some exuberant role-play, as their PE mat-raft navigated waterfalls, rapids and whirlpools on its way to the sea.


I was impressed by the children’s interest in animals. Some had seen foxes in their families’ allotments, and I was treated to an excellent impression of the fright call of a baby rabbit.

My favourite question was “How many books did you read?” The answer is ‘Lots and lots’. And the best thing is, there are still ‘lots and lots’ left to read – a wonderful, endless supply in fact.

It was a bonus for me to arrive early enough to catch Year 4’s brilliant Ancient Egypt assembly. I got some mummification tips and learned about King Tutankhamun, and the story of Isis and Osiris. I’ve been practising walking ‘like an Egyptian’ ever since!

Thank you, Four Swannes staff and students, for your warm welcome. I thoroughly enjoyed my day with you.


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