Story-telling Trees

Some trees look as if they were made to be story-tellers. I recently came across this one, mournfully watching the corridors of Heath Road Hospital in Ipswich:


I think he’d tell cautionary tales, urging us: Be careful of sharp things or Don’t play with fire.

And then there’s this cheery fellow, beaming out over a Suffolk village churchyard. I’m certain he’d tell us light-hearted, spooky stories:


Meanwhile, at Anglesey Abbey in Cambridgeshire, the magical Himalayan silver birches wistfully dream of their spiritual home in an ageless elven forest:


The Abbey birches are at their best just now, with their carpet of tiny tulips. Visitors this spring might also see this sleepy swan. If you spot him, look out for his mate nesting behind a curtain of foliage.


Details of Anglesey Abbey are here

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