Inspiring Joy in Books

The Letterpress Project is an initiative celebrating books, especially printed books. They’ve kindly included me in their series of interviews with authors and illustrators, and among the questions was: ‘What inspired you to become an author’.

Whenever I’m asked this I think of an inspirational teacher I had at primary school. But this time I thought further back. And – no surprise – I came up with my mother.


Mum has always been a book enthusiast and nature-lover. When I was small I’d go garden-exploring, and Mum would help me draw and write about the things I found. Surprisingly, I remember the fun of creating those little diaries more clearly than I remember being read to.

The idea of becoming a writer germinated, faded, and then sprouted again years later when I discovered the joy of sharing books with my own children.

So, Letterpress has got me thinking about the crucial role parents and care-givers play in showing children the pleasure of books. Whether it’s reading together or drawing and telling stories, sharing those magical marks on paper is one of the most inspiring things we can do.

You can read my interview with The Letterpress Project on their website here

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