Little Fox is 10 years old

There’s an anniversary coming up in May 2017! My very first picture book, ‘Daddy’s Little Star’, was originally published as ‘My Little Star’ 10 years ago. Here I am at the 2007 launch party at Heffers Children’s Bookshop in Cambridge.


To celebrate Little Fox’s tenth birthday, the lovely people at Scholastic are reissuing ‘Daddy’s Little Star’ with an updated cover. Publication of the new issue is scheduled for 4th May, appropriately close to Father’s Day on 18th June. I foresee one or two celebratory get-togethers, so watch this space – there may be cake!

The Scholastic team have also created some exciting new activity sheets ahead of the anniversary. You can take a sneak-peak at them on the Activities page, here.

Did you know: ‘Daddy’s Little Star’ started out as ‘My Little Star’, but it’s called ‘Mommy’s Little Star’ in the USA? It’s also been translated into several languages. Here’s a picture of some of those different covers, including the foreign language editions in Korean, Turkish and French.



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